10 Best Cloud Phone Systems

10 Best Cloud Phone Systems in 2024 

Over 60% of businesses started using cloud phone systems. This stat proves that the market of cloud phone business is huge, and, among countless options, finding the one that suits your business is a tough job. 

Therefore, we’ve researched over a dozen leading cloud phone systems and found out top ten. Have a quick look at their key features, and their pros and cons. You will be able to know the details of these systems at a glance and choose the right cloud system for your business. 


Factors to consider when choosing a cloud phone system


There are several cloud phone systems. Each of them has their unique features. However, some standard features are a must in any cloud phone system. Keep an eye out for these while choosing your phone service. 

1. Cost-effectiveness

Ensure your cloud phone system has a transparent pricing model that aligns with your budgetary requirements. Your phone system should offer flexibility to scale up or down as needed. 

3. Features and Functionality

Ensure your cloud phone system has the necessary features that meet your communication needs effectively, such as voicemail-to-email, auto attendant, call recording, call forwarding and video conferencing. 

3. Scalability

Your business phone system should be able to scale up with your business growth or change in demand. Your system should be able to add or remove users easily, upgrade higher tier plans and add features without disturbing operation. 

4. Reliability and uptime:

Look for cloud phone systems that ensure uninterrupted communication for business. Your system should have a solid track record of uptime and minimal downtime backed by strong infrastructure. 

5. Integration capabilities:

Go for cloud phone systems that can easily collaborate with essential business tools such as CRM software, collaboration platforms, and productivity applications. 

6. Customer support:

Your cloud phone system should offer a comprehensive support service. This includes live assistance, online resources and dedicated account management to address issues or concerns effectively. 


Top 10 Cloud Phone Systems in 2024


  • VoIP Elements

VoIP Elements

VoipElements is a prominent provider of VoIP phone systems, offering a huge range of services, including 3CX Cloud PBX, cloud hosting, and unlimited VoIP call trunks.

 Trusted by notable companies like Clenergy, DJI, and Mr. Burger, VoipElements prioritizes streamlined communication, network stability, and business cost savings. Their feature-rich solutions encompass video conferencing, remote PBX, and effortless updates, ensuring scalability and security.

Key Features: 

VoIP Phone Systems:

 The feature offered by VoIPElements contains a variety of solutions, featuring the 3CX Cloud PBX. This range of systems provides businesses with versatile options to meet their specific communication needs. 

The 3CX Cloud PBX, in particular, is a cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) system that offers advanced features and functionalities for managing phone calls, voicemail, and other communication tasks.

Cloud Hosting: 
Cloud Hosting offered by VoipElements entails providing hosting solutions through cloud infrastructure, ensuring heightened reliability and scalability for businesses. Leveraging cloud technology, VoipElements delivers hosting services that are not reliant on physical servers, thereby minimizing the risk of downtime and hardware failures.
 Additionally, cloud hosting offers scalability, allowing businesses to easily adjust their resources based on fluctuating demands without the need for extensive hardware upgrades or infrastructure changes.
Endless Conversations: 

VoIPElements emphasizes facilitating uninterrupted conversations for enhanced productivity. This unique feature ensures that businesses can maintain uniterrupted communication, thereby fostering collaboration and efficiency within the organization. 

Unlike other cloud systems that may prioritize basic communication functionalities, VoIPElements’ focus on facilitating endless conversations sets it apart by prioritizing continuous and uninterrupted communication experiences.

Remote PBX: 

VoIPElements offers Remote PBX functionality, providing businesses with enhanced flexibility in managing their phone systems. This feature allows users to access and control their PBX system remotely, enabling them to make adjustments, manage calls, and monitor performance from anywhere with internet access.

 Unlike traditional PBX systems that may require physical presence or on-site management, VoIPElements’ Remote PBX empowers businesses to adapt to dynamic work environments, including remote work setups, without compromising on functionality or efficiency.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Unlimited VoIP Call Trunks 
  • Efficient communication
  • Seamless video meeting
  • Flexible management
  • Offers easy updates.
  •  Easy expansion and adaptation.
  • Smooth migration
  • Limited Customer Base
  • Integration challanges.
  • Dependency on Internet Connection
  • RingCentral


RingCentral is a scalable cloud phone system that offers top-notch customer services for small businesses.  It offers several options for business numbers and mobile-friendly connectivity.

Key Features

Customer service solutions: 

Ring Central offers effective business-customer communication using customer-based call routing.  Users can use Ring Central’s CX enhancement modules to communicate with customers. 

Busines phone number options: 

With Ring Central cloud phone system, you can create a personalized vanity number for your business.  It also allows you to get a new number with a recognizable area code or set up a nationwide toll-free number.

Single application: 

Ring Central lets you stay connected with the latest trends on the go with a unified app.  This lets you access all calls, texts, and information through any device.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • customizable plans and pricing
  • Efficient collaboration 
  • Ensure uninterrupted communication.
  • require time impacting productivity initially.
  • Customer Support Issues
  • more expensive than traditional phone systems.
  • Nextiva


Nextiva offers efficient VoIP with standout features like the NextivaONE app for mobile virtual offices and three-way calling for collaboration.

Key Features


The Nextiva ONE app helps transform mobile devices into portable offices.  It ensures you stay connected all the time.

Three-way calling: 

This feature helps you to collaborate easily with your teammates.  You can streamline your productivity by sharing all the information in one phone call.

Call presence: 

With the feature, you can easily monitor the phone status of your employees or colleagues.  This status director guides customers to the right person instead of directing them to a busy line.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Excellent customer service 
  • user-friendly interface 
  • Flexible product offerings 
  • Confusing software UI
  • Unclear pricing structure
  • Grasshopper


Grasshopper is a client-focused cloud phone system that helps you interact with your client professionally. With a virtual number, it differs your work from your personal life. 

Based on the nature of phone calls, the system puts your best voice forward. The advanced call routing feature ensures effective call handling. 

Key Features: 

Virtual phone number: 

The system creates a virtual phone number for your business.  By keeping your number private it ensures you are aware when a business is reaching out. 

Business call enhancements:

Grasshopper ensures you know the business calls and allows you to present your best voice.  You can customize greetings and extensions.  With the system, you can ensure that callers are directed to the correct department or employee.

Advanced call routing:

 Grasshopper helps you handle multiple calls simultaneously by directing them to another phone or team member.  It ensures that your customer never complains about a busy line.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Ideal for remote workers or travelers.
  • Simple setup process
  • Flexible Pricing



  • Limited Scalability
  • Number Porting Limitations
  • Higher International Calling Costs
  • Vonage


Vonage offers versatile communication across devices, with consumer-centric features like a business inbox and AI Virtual Assistant.

Key Features

AI virtual assistant: 

AI Virtual assistant of Vonae helps to build a new digital workforce that enables you to initiate instant customer interaction, guide conversations to understand their needs and execute necessary actions easily.

Business inbox:

The system enables them to engage and collaborate with customers in their preferred channels, such as SMS, MMS, or Facebook Messenger.

Vonage app center: 

The app centre enables the integration of necessary CRM and business applications into the VBC Platform.  It is accessible on both desktop and mobile.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Reducing phone expenses.
  • Extensive network coverage 
  • Offers scalable plans
  • Dependency on the Internet
  • 911 Service Limitations


  • experience latency or delays in voice transmission.
  • Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone

With its rich features, convenience, and ease of access, Zoom has become a popular name in cloud-based phone systems. Its features include noise cancellation and contact activity tracking. 

Key Features

Noise Cancellation: 

Zoom phone’s noise cancellation feature reduces all the unnecessary distractions. This helps both client and caller to fully concentrate on the call. 

Presence Indicator: 

This feature shows the availability of a contact. The ‘Notify Me When Available’ feature alert immediately a contact is available. 

Voicemail transcription:

This feature work for those who might have problems in hearing. With this feature you can receive a text transcription of the voicemails. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Low Starting Price
  • Efficient Call Management
  • Cost-effective Training
  • Highly scalable
  • Limited CRM and Helpdesk Integrations
  • Limited Customer Support Options
  • Magic Jack

Magic Jack

MagicJack is a VoIP service offering home phone replacement and international calling features, primarily targeted at individuals seeking cost-effective communication solutions.

Key Features: 

Home Phone replacement functionality: 

The feature offered by Magic Jack allows users to use their internet connection to make and receive phone calls in place of a traditional landline phone service. This feature essentially replaces the need for a physical home phone line, providing users with a cost-effective alternative for their communication needs. 

The international calling capabilities: 

This feature of MagicJack allow users to make phone calls to individuals located in other countries. Users can dial international numbers directly from their MagicJack device or through the MagicApp mobile application. MagicJack typically offers competitive rates for international calls compared to traditional phone carriers, making it a cost-effective option for individuals who frequently communicate with contacts overseas.

Mobile app (MagicApp) for calls and texts: 

The MagicApp is a mobile application offered by MagicJack, allowing users to make phone calls and send text messages using their MagicJack service directly from their smartphones or tablets. Through the App, users can access their MagicJack account and utilize their existing phone number to make calls and send texts. 

 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Cost-effective
  • Improved call quality
  • Free calls between MagicJack users
  • Unlimited texting
  • Reliance on internet connection
  • Users need to pay an annual renewal fee
  • Limited support 
  • Dialpad


Dialpad streamlines business communication with advanced features, including powerful reporting and standout AI Voice technology for calls.

Key Features

AI voice: 

Dialpad’s business phone system offers important features like call routing, call forwarding, interactive voice response and more. 

Omnichannel messaging: 

Adopt an omnichannel strategy to prioritize customer satisfaction, boost retention, and strengthen profitability by engaging customers where they’re most active.

Contact center analytics: 

Analyze customer data and capture vital metrics in the contact center. Continuously monitor team performance, from missed to abandoned calls, ensuring clarity.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Enhanced User Experience 
  • Extended communication capabilities 
  • Offline Limitations
  • Requires technical knowledge for optimal setup 
  • Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice, part of Google Workspace, is a cloud-based phone service designed to enhance communication, reduce costs, and increase productivity for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features: 

Cloud-based VoIP phone service: 

This feature enables businesses to make and receive calls using the internet.

Call management features:

 Includes call forwarding, voicemail transcriptions, spam call blocking, and text messaging capabilities.

Cost-effective solutions:

 Helps businesses reduce communication costs while improving collaboration among employees.


Available in various plans tailored to meet the needs of businesses at different stages of growth.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • Spam call filtering
  • Supports use on various devices.
  • Limited international calling options


  • Dependency on Internet connection
  • Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite is a cloud-based unified communications platform tailored for small and medium businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of communication and collaboration tools in a single platform.

Key Features

Unified Communication Platforms:

 This feature allows you to coordinate various communication and collaboration tools into a single interface. Users can easily access and utilize features such as phone systems, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and messaging functionalities within the same platform. This integration allows for streamlined communication and collaboration workflows, as users can switch between different modes of communication without the need to switch between multiple applications or interfaces.

 High reliability:
Intermedia Unite offers a cloud-based phone system with an impressive 99.999% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement), guaranteeing uninterrupted communication for businesses. This reliability ensures that users can rely on the platform for consistent and dependable phone service.
 Desktop and mobile apps:

Intermedia Unite provides both desktop and mobile applications, allowing users to access the platform’s communication features from anywhere, at any time. The desktop application offers a familiar interface on users’ computers, providing convenient access to features such as calling, messaging, and video conferencing. Similarly, the mobile app enables users to stay connected while on the go, allowing them to make calls, send messages, and join video meetings from their smartphones or tablets. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliability and uptime.
  • Easy to manage and use
  • Integration challenges
  • Limited customization

Choose the Best Cloud Phone System for Your Business (VOIP Elements)

VoIP system is renowned for its comprehensive services, including 3CX Cloud PBX, cloud hosting, and unlimited VoIP call trunks.  VOIP Elements stands out for its commitment to streamlined communication, network stability, and cost savings.  Notable companies like Clenergy, DJI, and Mr. Burger trust the cloud system.  The cloud system offers feature-rich solutions encompassing video conferencing, remote PBX functionality, and effortless updates, ensuring scalability and security for businesses of all sizes.  With dedicated customer service, VOIP Elements prioritizes delivering a seamless customer experience accessible via phone, email, or chat. Choosing VOIP Elements ensures a reliable, feature-rich solution tailored to your unique business needs.

Wrapping Up


Today’s market is full of various cloud phone systems.  The realm of the system offers several options.  Each offers unique benefits tailored to specific business needs.  

From streamlined communication and enhanced collaboration to cost savings and scalability, businesses have many factors to consider when selecting the best cloud phone system. 

Ultimately, by carefully evaluating factors such as cost-effectiveness, features, scalability, reliability, integration capabilities, and customer support, businesses can choose a cloud phone system that aligns completely with their objectives and facilitates efficient communication, thereby driving productivity and success.

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