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Cloud PBX Australia

This is How It Works

Secure your own business phone number to streamline all incoming and outgoing calls,
ensuring seamless communication and professional consistency for all your business interactions.

Provide each team member with a unique user license, granting them full access to the system’s features,
which enhances individual productivity, facilitates collaboration, and ensures secure, efficient communication.

Safeguard each device with a dedicated device license, ensuring secure
and seamless connectivity across all your business communication tools, from desktops to mobile devices.

Select a customized call plan that fits your business’s specific needs and size,
offering flexibility and cost efficiency, ensuring all your communication requirements are met effectively.

Equip your business with high-quality tools designed to deliver clear and smooth calls,
ensuring that every conversation is effective and professional, thereby enhancing overall communication reliability. 

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Cloud pbx australia

This is how it works

Get a your own phone number for all your business calls.

A special pass for each team member to use the system.

A permit that lets each device connect safely and easily.

Pick a calling plan that suits your business size and needs.

The right tools to make sure every call is clear and smooth.

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Choose Your Plan

Get the right Cloud PBX Australia plan to match your business size and needs. Our pricing plans ensure you only pay for what you need, making your communication cost-effective and straightforward.

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PAYG Starter

$ 9.95 per month
  • Features:
  • Australian phone number land line
  • ⁠All user extension licenses - no limit to number of extensions
  • ⁠xx concurrent calls inbound and outbound seperately counted

Unlimited Australia

$ 20.95 per month
  • Features:
  • Australian phone number land line
  • All user extension licenses - no limit to number of extensions
  • xx concurrent calls inbound and outbound seperately counted
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Unlimited Australia Plus

$ 29.95 per month
  • Features:
  • Australian phone number land line
  • ⁠All user extension licenses - no limit to number of extensions
  • ⁠xx concurrent calls inbound and outbound seperately counted

Prices in AUD inc GST
Critical information summary (CIS)
* Fair use policy applies to all call plans and services

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FREE: Activation 

FREE: Advanced features

Optional Extras


Included with the device licence

Turn your web browser into a versatile communication hub. Make calls, manage contacts, and handle queues directly from your browser with cloud PBX system- no extra software needed. It’s communication made effortless, right where you work.

3rd Party


per user / per month

Expand your Cloud PBX system’s functionality with our easy-to-implement third-party integrations. Boost efficiency and streamline your tech stack by connecting with the tools you already use and love.

Call Recording

Keep your call records safe and accessible with our secure storage solutions. Ideal for quality control and compliance, our services ensures your recordings are always available when you need them, with top-level security to protect your data.

Prices in AUD inc GST

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Optional extras

Features & Benefits of our platform

Manage calls easily with Cloud PBX platform. Set up phone numbers and licences quickly through our user-friendly portal. Adjust settings in real-time as your needs change. Our scalable system keeps your communications secure and reliable as your business grows.

PBX Feature Highlights
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PBX Feature Highlights

Substantial Savings

Manage your own phone system and eliminate monthly per-user fees.

Freedom of Choice

Choose from options for on-premise, hosted, or self-hosting, and import your own trunk and numbers.

Remote Working Ready

Utimize top-tier mobile and web applications along with full-featured video conferencing.

Remote Working Ready

Utilize top-tier mobile and web applications along with full-featured video conferencing.

Boost Productivity

Achieve seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and sync with your CRM for efficient KYC processes.

Contact Center

Enjoy built-in call center functionality and support for live chat, WhatsApp, and SMS.


Use webhooks to send call event notifications to other applications for enhanced functionality.

Real-Time Call Monitoring

Listen in and monitor calls live for quality assurance and training purposes.

Call Queue Wallboard

Visualize and manage call queues in real-time, enhancing call center efficiency.

Queue Call Back

Allow callers to request a callback instead of waiting on hold, improving customer satisfaction.

Microsoft 365 – Teams Integration

Integrate with Microsoft Teams for unified communications and collaboration.

Global Phone Numbers

Manage phone numbers globally from a single platform, simplifying international operations.

Phone Auto Provisioning

Simplify VoIP phone setup with automated configuration and provisioning.

Call Pickup Groups

Allow users to pick up incoming calls for other users within their group.

Call Parking

Place calls on hold in a ‘parking lot’ for retrieval by any extension.

DTMF Prefix

Allow callers to enter a prefix code for specific call routing.

Secure Voice

Encrypt voice calls for added security and privacy.

Video Calls

Make and receive high-quality video calls using your PBX system.

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Used and Trusted By Many Companies

Inbound Call Reports

Get detailed insights into all incoming calls. Track called ID, call duration, and call outcomes to improve customer interactions. Understand call patterns and manage call traffic more efficiently.

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Outbound Call Reports

Analyze outgoing call data. Monitor call frequency, durations, and success rates to optimize outbound campaigns. Enhance your team’s productivity and outbound call strategies.

Daily Call Distribution

Review daily call activity to understand peak call times and ensure adequate staffing during busy periods. Optimize workforce allocation based on daily call volumes.

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Hour of Day Call Distribution

Break down call volumes by the hour to identify the busiest times of the day and maange resources effectively. Improve scheduling and ensure customer service is always available when needed.

Monthly Call Volume

Track monthly call trends to identify seasonal patterns and make informed decisions about scaling operations. Plan for peak periods and adjust resources accordingly for long-term growth

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Client Testimonials

Kee Yeong Neoh
    Kee Yeong Neoh

    IT Director Clenergy

    Our transition to this new phone system was seamless, and it has been exceptionally reliable. The service team did a fantastic job ensuring that there was no downtime. Our clients have noticed and commented on the improvement. We couldn’t be happier!

    Ivan Saw
      Ivan Saw

      Managing Director Maptco

      The level of service we've received is top-notch! Anytime we've had questions or needed support, the response has been immediate and effective. The team really knows their stuff and has been instrumental in helping us optimize our phone system for our needs.

      Nick Cashin
        Nick Cashin

        Momentum Trafic

        This phone system has been a game changer for our business. The intuitive features and scalable hosting have allowed us to grow without worrying about our communications infrastructure. It's a relief to know that we have a system in place that grows with us.

        William Thompson
          William Thompson

          SSS Auto

          I've been thoroughly impressed with the consistent quality of both the hosting and the call system. It’s refreshing to work with a service that understands the importance of reliability and delivers on it every single day.

          Scott Harrison
            Scott Harrison

            ABH Group

            Going into it, I was skeptical that a hosted phone system could meet our stringent requirements for call quality and system resilience. I'm pleased to say that this service has gone beyond our expectations. The crystal-clear voice quality and robust system features have truly set a new standard for what we expect.

            cloud pbx australia FAQS

            Hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system where the hardware and PBX features are hosted at an off-site location, managed by a service provider. It routes calls and offers features like voicemail and call forwarding over the internet.

            Yes, many hosted PBX systems support multi-channel communications including chat, video, and conference calls, integrating various communication forms into one platform.

            You can use your landline phones with hosted PBX by using an adapter that connects them to the internet, enabling them to work with the VoIP technology of the PBX.

            Hosted PBX can offer superior sound quality compared to traditional phone lines, provided there is a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

            A stable internet connection with a minimum speed of around 100 kbps per phone line is generally recommended for effective hosted PBX operation.

            If your internet connection fails, hosted PBX providers usually offer redundancy or call forwarding to mobile phones or other numbers to ensure continuous survice.

            You can typically port your existing phone number to a hosted PBX system, allowing you to retain your current number while upgrading your phone system.

            While no system can guarantee 100% uptime, most hosted PBX providers strive for high reliability with backup solutions and failover protocols to maximize phone system availability.

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