What Is Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange)? A Guide – Voip Elements

What Is Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange)_ A Guide - Voip Elements

Hosted PBX, a private branch exchange (PBX), is a telecommunications system managed and operated by a service provider. Unlike traditional PBX systems, which rely on copper wires and landline phones, hosted PBX utilizes the internet for making and receiving phone calls. Businesses opt for hosted PBX, or transition from traditional PBX setups, for various reasons. […]

What is Hosted VoIP? A Guide to Features and Benefits

What is Hosted VoIP_ A Guide to Features and Benefits

Businesses in today’s era are looking for the easiest and cheapest communication system for themselves. They no longer want to depend on bulky traditional hardware to communicate.  Hosted VoIP system offers a more cost-efficient, flexible and scalable communication system. You don’t need any additional hardware for this system; a softphone (app) is enough to make […]

What Is a Hosted PBX? A Full Guide for 2024

What Is a Hosted PBX A Full Guide for 2024.

A hosted PBX is like a virtual phone system for businesses, run over the internet. Instead of having big, complicated phone equipment in your office, everything is handled online by another company.  This setup lets you and your team make calls, get voicemails, and use other phone features like call forwarding, all through the web. […]

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